6th International Conference on Water, Energy, Food and Agricultural Technology

Istanbul, Turkey, 24-27 November 2019

Under the slogan

Field scientific research is a basis for agricultural development and water management and limitation of desertification.

 In cooperation with the French Organization for Scientific Promotion and Exchange between France and the Middle East,  the Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information ( T.A.D.G.I)    and GeoSP.

  Experts and international specialists in the field of water, desertification agriculture, and Energy  will take part in this symposium. The Euro Arab Union of Geometrics , Arabian Union For Surveying  organize an international scientific symposium from 24 to 27 Nvember  2019 Turkey/Istanbul.

The symposium will hold many scientific activities .Scientific themes about water, desertification, agriculture technologies and energy will be discussed to fiend answers and solutions for such issues.

The invitation is open for experts, researchers, students and public and private institution to participate with the presentation of their work paper on one of the main scientific themes or with simply being present at the event.

   Objectives of the symposium

First: Water and desertification methods and techniques

Second: Building partnerships between experts, academics and research centers in the Arab world and Europe.

Third: Exchange of expertise

Fourth: Finding solutions for to limit the problem of desertification and best methods of water management

Fifth: Finding answers for water and desertification problematic

Sixth: Establishing an information network to make exchange of expertise and information easier

Seventh: Supporting scientific publications

Scientific themes of the international symposium on water and desertification

The first themes: water resources and desertification and agricultural techniques


water resources

-         Surface and groundwater

-         Water management

-         Water harvesting

-         Water recycling

-         New irrigation techniques

-         Aquatic therapy

-         Water security

-         International conventions and agreements relative to the field of water

-         Water conflicts in regional and global scale

Desertification and the desert

-         Combating desertification

-         Desert areas development

-         Desert geology

-         Regional and international cooperation in the field of desertification

-         Different techniques of desertification modeling

Agricultural techniques in arid and semi-arid regions

-         Plantation in arid and semi-arid areas

-         Plant diversity

-         Anti-drought harvest

-         Agricultural methods in arid and semi-arid regions

-         Role of scientific research in finding solutions for agriculture in vulnerable regions

-         Food security

-         Latest techniques and discoveries in the field of agriculture

-         Use of remote sensing in water irrigation optimization

The role of Geospace and GIS in research and finding solutions for water, agricultural and desertification problems

-         Geospace technologies

-         GIS publications

-         Use of remote sensing in water resources management

Second theme :  Energy and energy security

– New and renewable energy.
– Waste recycling in generating energy.
– Arab integration in Energy field.
– Water desalination and sweetening for seas and oceans and new treating
– The future of new and renewable energy in the Arab countries.
– The economics of the production of new and renewable energy.

_Thermal water and its uses

Third theme :  Water and food security in the Arab world

Arab water security
-The future of water security in the Arab world.
– Transboundary water and its problems.
– Transgressions and stealing of the Arab water resources
– Wastewater Treatment (gray) “Industrial Wastewater and sewage water”.
– Ways of developing Arab water resources.
– Economics of extraction and water usage.
   Arab food security
– Arab food security system (production, consumption, trade per capita).
– Arab food gap and the future of reducing this Arab food gap (oils,
sugar, meat, grain and legumes).
– Intra-Arab trade in the field of food commodities.
– Arab-Arab trade and its impact on reducing the food gap.
– Arab integration strategies in the field of food security.
– Land reclamation projects and the exploitation of the available land.
– Horizontal and vertical expansion.
– The role of the industrialization of agriculture and food preservation.
– Concentrating on the livestock and poultry.
– Agricultural Extension and its role in rural development.
– Aquaculture.
 Fourth theme :  Climatic and environmental changes
– The impact of climatic and environmental changes on the future of the food security.
– The impact of climate change on water resources availability.
– Climate Change and the future of energy in world .
– Climatic and environmental changes and their effects on coastal

Fifth theme:  International conventions and local laws on energy and water resources and the environment

-          Exploitation of water resources

-          Valleys and rivers

-          Desertification and desert

-          Environment and Climate Change

-          Energy and energy extraction

Conditions of participations

Researchers, scientists, experts and students interested in water and agricultural sectors working or studying in institutions, research centers, organizations or associations are welcome to participate in the international symposium on water and desertification with a scientific presentation, a field work study … or with simply being present at the event.

If you are interested in participating please follow the following instructions:

-         Sending abstracts and work papers before the deadline

-         Following academic instruction of writing research and abstracts

-         Choosing among themes of the symposium

-         Filling in the participation form and sending it to EuroArab Union of Geomatics 

Committees of the international symposium on water and desertification

Organizing committee: Chairman of the organizing committee is M. Mohamed AYARI, president of the EuroArab Union of Geomatics

Scientific Committee

-         Chairman: Professor Engineer. Amer Hercheni / Tunisia

-         Vice Chairman of the Scientific Committee PR. Abd Saleh Fayad / Iraq Studies

Participation fees

1-   Researchers, academics, graduated students and faculty members 400 Euros or its equivalent

-         Participation with a work paper or a poster: 400 Euros

-         Presence: 400 Euros

-     Students 300 Euros

2- Organizations, ministers and public and private institutions 500 Euros or its equivalent

Important deadlines

Sending abstracts: 20/ 10/ 2019

Complete works:  15 /10/ 2019

Powerpoint presentations: 15/10/ 2019

Posters: 15 /10/ 2019

Participation form: 


Arabic, French or  English

Accommodation and the symposium hotel

The symposium and the accommodation of participants will take place in one of Istanbul’s hotels


Address: 112 rue radhia hadded 1001 Tunis, Tunisie

Email  HYPERLINK “mailto:atigeo_num@yahoo.fr” atigeo_num@yahoo.fr

Phone: 0021671245692