Second   International Scientific Conference

Climate Change  : Impact and its implications on the Economic and Natural Structure: The reality and suggested solutions

           Turkey 24-27 November 2019

Euro Arab Union of Geomatics invites you to participate in the INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC Conference Climate Change  : Impact and its implications on the Economic and Natural Structure: The reality and suggested solutions    , which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from24-27 November 2019

It is held due to the importance of such event in the development of research and the scientific and technical skills of specialists and its role in supporting research structures and the participation of academic specialists.

  In this context, we are honored to invite you to participate by research / paper work in the scientific and technical sessions of the   International Scientific Conference

and it will be possible to publish the work if it will be accepted after its reviewing by international specialists.

Scientific Topics

Topic 1 /  Climate Change Impact on the Economic and Social structure

• Agricultural field

• Environment and tourism

• Poverty and health

• Displacement and migration

• Security and social unrest

Topic 2 /  Climate Change Impact on the natural structure

• Water and natural resources


• Sea, ocean and water bodies

- Topic 3 /  Climate Change Impact on infrastructure and urban planning

• Sewage systems

• Transport networks

• Monuments and archaeological sites

• Parks, parks and green areas

- Topic 4/Energy and Climate change : Challenges and Perspectives

. Oil and Gas Impact on Climate Changes

. Industry Impact on Climate Change

. Legal and Economics in Changing World

Topic 5 / Geographic Applications and micro technology Role

Geographic applications

• GIS and remote sensing

• Space science and geographic information infrastructure

• Drone uses

• Nanotechnology

• Geomorphometric applications

International Workshop – Environment, climate change and adaptation

Turkey 9-12 July 2019

Topics of the Workshop

Axis / Administration

• The role of institutions in improving environmental performance and adapting to climate change.

• Role of human resources managers in climate change and the environment.

• The role of insurance companies in light of climate change and the environment.

• Business intelligence and the search for new sources that limit climate and environmental changes.

Economic Axis:

• Economic measures and their impact Climate and environmental change.

• The role of the knowledge economy in reducing climate and environmental change.

• Towards a green economy environment friendly.

• The impact of globalization on climate change and environmental change.

• Waste and its impact on climate change.

Legal Axis:

• The role of international and domestic laws in reducing environmental change.

• International laws supporting environmental protection.

• International laws governing pollution in seas and rivers.

Geographical, political and social axis:

• The impact of climate change and its role in changing borders.

• The role of climate change in desertification and drought.

• The role of climate change in wars.

• The role of climate change in migration and social shifts from rural to urban areas.

Accounting Axis:

• Environmental accounting and measurement of environmental performance.

• Accounting indicators and their role in supporting performance.

• Accounting standards and their impact on the organization’s statement of the direction of climate change.

Technology and Science Hub:

• The role of technology on climate change.

• Biotechnology Industries (technologies that change live mortals).

• Technological changes and their entry into all components of life.

• Information systems and diagnosis of internal environment and external environment.

• The impact of climate change on agriculture and agricultural production.

• The impact of climate change on the tourism sector.

To participate and register please email us /

Telephone / fax 0021671245692 / mobile / 0021695117693 or 0021621912295

Participation is subject to the same conditions of participation in the international forum to study the impact of climate change 

Scientific and Organizing Committee:

President:  Dr. Mohamed Ayari (Euro-Arab Union of Geomatics)

Vice president: Dr. Salwa SAIDI (Faculty of Sciences Tunis; Water Energy Environment Lab.)

Vice president: Dr. Samar Sakr – Lebanese University

Vice president: Dr. Jean Doumit (Lebanese University, Arab union of Surveyors)

Vice president: Eng. Helmi Lamouchi (Euro-Arab Union of Geomatics)

Vice president: Dr. Abd Salah Fayedh (University of Irak)

Member: Dr. Aida Arbi NEFZI Tabuk University, KSA

Member : Dr Sid Ahmed Soufiane Badji moukhetar Annaba University – ALGERIA

Member : Dr. Brice ANSELME (University of Sorbonne Paris, France)

Member : Evegeny Kiselev (Geoinformatics Dep, Kuban State University Russia)

Member : Pr. Beya Mannai Tayech (Faculty of Sciences Tunis)

Member:  Pr. Philippe de Bois (University of France)

Member : Dr. Mounir Arjdal (Turkey)

Member : Dr. Amor Chermiti – Tunisia

Co-organization Committee:

-          Arab Union of geometers

-          Euro Mediterranean federation of scientific research and innovation

-          French association of scientific cooperation in France and Middle East

-          Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information

-          Geosp Mag.

-          University Sup- tech


Deadline of accepted abstract: 10 -10- 2019

Registration Fee:

Registration fee: 400 Euro

Fee Registration for student: 300 Euro

Fee Registration for Public and private institutions and ministries and companies 500 Euro

participation form:  

Conference Registration fee includes:

* Full access to all days of the Forum, including all scientific and technical sessions
* Meals included in the Forum program (lunches as well as coffee break)
* Delegate package including Forum program
* Certifications

This fee do not include the accommodation,

For more information: the email:;;

Fax-tel: 0021671245692; mob: 0021621912295; 0021624257293

Calls for Papers

The organizing committee of the INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC Conference Climate Change  : Impact and its implications on the Economic and Natural Structure: The reality and suggested solutions   , which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from 24-27 November 2019. is honored to inform participants, who wish to make a poster presentation, to send an abstract before 10 november 2019.

If you would like to participate please follow the following steps:

  • Send us a clarifying abstract in: French, Arabic or English
  • Include the following information in the abstract: Name of the participant/ Title of the abstract/ Participant’s institution/abstract text/ key words/ abstracts shall not exceed 300 words/ the poster should not be presented previously in other conferences or magazines
  • Poster size: A0. The researcher may choose the suitable size for the poster.

The invitation is open. Abstracts deadline: 10 november 2019


  • Posters should stick to the themes of this edition. Posters should be in: French, English and Arabic. Reception of posters are open until 12 February 2018.
  • Posters will published and presented the same as other scientific oral presentation

Poster presenters are invited to send us their CVs with photos along with posters if they wish to publish their works.

For more information: the email: ,;;

Fax-tel: 0021671245692; mob: 0021621912295; 0021624257293