2nd International Congress on Natural Ressources,

Climate change , Environment   and Technologytransfer

Lyon. France. 28-31 May 2021


General  overview of congress

In most countries of the world, natural resources are facing major challenges including climate change, increasing rate of population growth, disruption of food security systems, scarcity of water resources, resource issues, energy and other issues to the environment. As a result, adaptation and adoption of effective management methods for natural resources become a necessity for sustainable development.

To meet those challenges, a new awareness of environmental issues, climate change; as well as governance and the development of natural resources, it is urgent to rethink about agricultural production systems, deal with natural and industrial disasters, pave the way to a strong international cooperation between various stakeholders and boost an exchange of experiences and scientific research. Our goal is to work together to achieve objectives; including in particular sustainable development that respects the environment and health.

Objectives & expected results

- Support scientific and technological research systems in the field of governance for the development of natural resources, preserve environmental balances and lay the foundations for adaptation to climate change.

- Continuity of exchange of scientific studies related to the global environment.

-Popularize the use of  new digital technologies and their contribution to related fields and general outlines of the congress

- Exchange of international experiences in technology transfer;

- Establish scientific cooperation between the various countries of the world in order to support environmental studies and the impact of climate change on natural resources, including in particular soil and water resources and biodiversity

- Contribute to the definition of successful experiences and develop effective systems for the transfer of technological experiences, in particular those related to the fields of geomatics and global positioning systems, and their importance on the above mentioned fields

Targeted audiences

• Academics and researchers, universities, institutes & research centers

• glob and climate scientists

• Advisors and experts in agricultural sciences

• Hydrologists  and geologists

• Surveyors, specialists in GIS and remote sensing

• specialists in communication technologies

• students (graduates, doctorate students)

• Private sector, NGOs and agricultural companies

• Ministries, professional organizations, NGOs, etc.

I – Scientific program

1- Scientific themes

Axis 1: Management of natural resources

• Ecology and management of forest ecosystems and range lands,

• Management of watersheds, soil conservation and agricultural practices,

• Water resource management,

• Environmental economics and use of natural resources.

Axis 2: Earth and environmental sciences

• Soil resources and global change

• Geo risks

• Hydrogeology and geodynamics

Axis 3: Climate change & impact on natural resources, urbanization, environment & health

• Climate change and impact on agriculture

• Climate change and impact on natural resources

• Climate change and impact on urbanization

• Climate change and impact on the environment

• Climate change and impact on health

• Ingenious knowledge of local populations and the fight against climate change

Axis 4: Technological Applications and Geospatial Sciences

• Geospatial data analysis methods.

• Geospatial data applied to the study and management of soil and water resources

• Big data and geospatial data exploration.

• Geo-decision methods and tools.

• Gravity field, GNSS and applications

Axis 5: Technology transfer and exchange of experiences

- Role of long-term education, information exchange and communication

- Strengthening of cooperation between research and economic structures

- Commercial promotion of scientific research results

- Industrial promotion of scientific research results and creation of innovative projects

- Patents for inventions and intellectual property

2- Workshop

1 Workshop on:The role of ICT & Geomatics in the management of natural and human disasters

2 Workshop on: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economic, social and environmental structure

3 Workshop on: The role of the Chinese Beidou system, to promote global interdependence

II  – Cultural program

 Cultural Evening around Equality, Respect, Dignity and Peace

- Presentation of the EuroArab Geomatics Union

- Presentation of the “Africa 50″ Association

- Presentation of the Association “

- Songs for life and for peace

- Words of welcome from the organizers

- Taking pictures

-Having dinner

III – International Exhibition on Geomatics and Geospatial Technologies

   It is an open space for scientific development and knowledge investment to exhibit technological additions; equipment, software, satellite images and practical applications in GIS and remote sensing as well as studies and consultations related to the use and methods of employing Digital Geography technology in fields and various fields.

It is a good opportunity for the creation of an international space for partnership, investment and exchange of experiences in the field of GIS and remote sensing as well as the creation of markets in the Middle East and in the Middle East. ‘Africa.

The areas of the fair:

1 / Institutions active in the fields:

• Space science

• Satellite images

• Radar images


• Remote sensing

• Water technology

• Natural risks

• Environmental technology

2 / Institutions active in the software sector:

• GIS software

• Remote sensing software

• Numerical modeling software

• Satellite image analysis software

• Image processing software

• Surveying software

• Free software

3 / Institutions active in the field of training

4 / Research laboratories

5 / Universities

6 / Public institutions (ministries and offices)

7 / The institutions that produce the cards

8 / Associations, organizations and scientific unions

9 / Scientists and experts

In addition to various players in the GIS and remote sensing sector and


- Euro-Arab Geomatics Union

- ‘French Association for Scientific and Cultural Exchanges

- Association Afrique 50

- Association of Chinese of Lyon and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

- Moroccan Association for the Development of Scientific Information

Organizing partners

- Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic INFORMATION

- Arab Union of Surveyors

- Association Jeunesse Arts Culture et Sport en Liberte “JACSL”

- Association “10,000 Coders”

- Maghrebian Association for Remote Sensing

- Geomantic Club. Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University of Tunis

- UEAG strategic research and studies office

- Study and research office “Al-Hattan” in Sudan

- Sudanese National Geographical Association

- Saudi Geographical Association

- Geographical Association of the United Arab Emirates

- Algerian Geographical Association

- Magazine of publications on geographic science GEOSPMAG

Organizing committee

President: Dr. Mohamed Ayari, President of the Euro-Arab Geomatics Union

Vice-president: Mrs. Nafti Amel – Association – the AECSFMMO

Vice-president: Mr Jean Erik: Association Jeunesse Arts Culture et Sport en Liberte “JACSL”

Vice-president: Mr LO Kear-Kun: Association of Chinese of Lyon and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

Vice-president: Dr Naima Issaoui: Moroccan Association for the Development of Scientific Information

Vice-president: Dr SalwaSaidi: Club Géomantique. Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University of Tunis

Members of the organizing  committee

- Ing helmi lamouchi

- Mrs Mariam DJELIDI

- Ing Imed Belhechmi

- Hela Saidi

- CHAIMA Dridi

- Abdel Basset Khadhraoui

- Manel Salhi

Scientific committee

Dr Amor Chermiti

Chairman of the Committee. Professor & Researcher Specialist in Agricultural Sciences. Former DG INRA Tunisia and member of the FARA Executive Council

Dr SalwaSaidi

Faculty of Sciences of Tunis. El Manar University. Tunisia


Dr Amor Laaribi

International expert in information technology. Ex Expert to the United Nations

Dr Brisse Ansalem

Professor of remote sensing. France

Dr Machaal Al Saoud

Professor in Applied Geomorphology. Saudi Arabia

Dr Sarkiss Fadouss

Dean of the Canadian Faculty in Lebanon. Canadian University of Lebanon. President of the Arab Union of Surveyors

Dr Jean Doumit

University of Lebanon

Dr Naima Issaoui

Moroccan Association for the Development of Scientific Information

Dr Tourhane Moufti

Minister Chairman of the Board of Governors. Iraq

Dr Manel El kabissi

President of the Geology Department. Iraq

Dr Hayder Snoussi

“Al Hattan” Center for Research and Studies. Sudan

Dr Houcine Nachnich

International expert in geomatics. Algeria

Dr Abd Salah Fayadh

Professor of geology. Iraq

Dr Tarek Rached

International expert in geomatics. USA

Dr Khaled  Nabout

Executive Director: MINA 3D

Dr Stephan Roch

Professor of remote sensing. Laval University. Canada

Dr Thierry Singeron

Head of the “Geomatics Applications” Laboratory. France

Dr Samar Sakr

Professor of climatology. University of Lebanon

Ing Mohamed Ali Murry

Surveyor Expert. Head of the regional office of the Arab Union of Surveyors, Qatar



Comité : Informations & Communications

Mr Bilal Fattoum

Euro Arab Geomatics Union

Mme Saida Zemezmi

Euro Arab Geomatics Union

Mr ……………..

Association «  Afrique 50 »

Mme Mariam DJELIDI

French Association for Scientific & Cultural Exchanges

Mr ………………

Association of Chinese of Lyon and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

Important dates

- Sending of abstracts: 02/20/2021

- Complete works: 04/15/2021

- PowerPoint presentations: 05/15/2021

Languages: Arabic, French or English

Participation fee

1- Researchers, academics, students and faculty members: 400 Euros or the equivalent

- Participation with a working document or a poster: 400 Euros

- Presence: 400 Euros

2- Organizations, ministries, public and private institutions, agricultural enterprises: 500 euros or the equivalent

Participation includes: access to all activities; publication of research; coffee breaks; certificate of attendance


- Euro-Arab Geomatics Union

o Address: 112, Rue Radhia Haddad. 1001 Tunis. Tunisia

o E mail: geoconf2@gmail.com

o Phones: + 216 71 24 56 92

o WhattsApp: + 216 21 91 22 95; + 216 50 92 29 12

- French organization of scientific and cultural exchanges

o E mail: aecsfmmo@gmail.com


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