The Euro Arab union of geomatics ‘executive office planned in its assembly the Union s main tasks which are:

1_To support the geomatics technological reliance system in the development path

2_Towork on dedicating the notion of geomatics manufacture (systemizing informations, maps, photos, sensing……)

3_making the map, satellite image, space sciences, and mechanisms of treatment, analysis and scientific streams for treating the data and space informations, administrating and  disposing it. to build the bases and the geographic data banks , render it the alternative of sustained development and a tool of controlling the field and commercially, socially , environmentally developing it.

The union’s main task is to make the Geomatics with what it represents as a geographic informational control, the major tool for the local, regional and international signaling in favor of the science, society ,and development . 

Our task is assigned to the following visions:

1_The growing influence of Geomatics ‘role in the sciences, society,  and environment

2_Geomatics is one of the main pillars of development

3_it s the best way of recourses exploitation, risk reduction,  problem treatment, and building the developmental balance.

4_Geomatics is a tool of development, well deciding , controlling the area and solving problems in the Euro Arab space through developing the investments , dealing with the geomatic components which helps taking the decision .To achieve our aims we will work on :

_Encouraging the technological reliance in the various fields , natural , human or environmental

_boosting the establishment of rehabilitation and training centers related to this technology

Urging the developed countries to support the spread of this kind of technology in the underdeveloped countries

_Making conferences, seminars and exhibitions

_Strengthen the relationships between members in the Euro Arab space

_Inviting the members of the sector to contribute in the building of researchers’ technical capacities

_stimulating researchers and institutions to publish their works and contributing in introducing them

_creating training and and employment space