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Reservation fees


The institutions, working in the fields indicated below, are allowed to participate in the International Exhibition for the investment in water, energy, renewable energy and GIS technologies in Africa and the Middle East 

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Goals of the exhibition


Establishing real cooperation between producers and users of this kind of technologies

Promoting investments in Africa and the Middle East

Promoting cooperation between different parties 

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Exhibition space


There are six exhibition spaces dedicated for:

Geomatics technology, Geographic Information System and remote sensing

Water management and treatment technology

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Studies show that Africa and the Arab World need further investments in the sectors of water, energy, renewable water, and infrastructure. In fact, these areas need to rely on Geomatics regarding the importance of geographic information in the description of natural phenomena especially those related to water, energy, renewable energy, environment and social aspects.
Africa and the Arab World represent a promising investment area regarding the needs for investment and the problems these regions suffer from which are caused by the lack of new technologies such as geomatics, GIS and space technologies.
In this context the following exhibition is organized

The international exhibition for the investment in water, energy and GIS technologies

It is held under the slogan:

“Towards investment in water, energy, infrastructure, and GIS”
On April 08, 09 and 10, 2013 in Tunis

This exhibition is a real chance for companies, study offices and all parties related to Geomatics, space, water technology, energy and environment to display their projects and services, conquer new markets and establish new lucrative cooperation in Africa and the Arab World.
More than 800 experts and specialists are coming from nearly 50 countries in. Concerning visitors, they are expected to reach 6000.
Besides, the exhibition is organized in parallel with the international congress Geo Tunis as the Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information has signed a convention with the Euro Arab Union of Geomatics, the organizer of the exhibition. The convention consists in organizing events; the congress and the exhibition, in the same area in order to give them scientific and lucrative aspects
The exhibition includes a number of events among which:
– A round table on investment in geomatics gathering experts, specialists, and international GIS corporations
– Workshops promoting producers and their latest productions
So participate in the investment in Africa and the Arab World and be in time.