Exhibition fields 

  1. Water resources management technologies
  2. Energy and renewable energy technologies
  3.  Environmental technologies and technologies for decreasing pollution
  4. GIS and space technologies
  5. Transport network technologies
  6. Technologies of water treatment and sanitation

Exhibition spaces

There are six exhibition spaces dedicated for:

  1. Geomatics technology, Geographic Information System and remote sensing
  2. Water management and treatment technology
  3. Energy technology, renewable technology and network
  4. Environmental technology
  5. Organizations, associations, and open-source software, information and data.
  6. Spaces for meetings and discussions between specialists and participants

Parties concerned with the exhibition


Water corporations

Tourism and industrial sectors

Agricultural sector

Energy corporations

Environmental institutions

Organizations and associations

Software producers

Study offices

Training offices

Construction/ dams/ transport/ sanitation/ drinkable water/ energy network/ and renewable energy companies

Universities and research centers

Important information

-          Nearly 800 experts and specialists will participate in this exhibition. 

-          Participants are coming from more than 50 countries from Africa, Middle East, Europe and America 

-          The number of visitors, interested in technology, GIS,  remote sensing, water technology and energy is expected to reach 6000

-          A number of meetings will take place dozens of which are dedicated to investment.

-          15 workshops will take place.   

-          The media which will cover the event:  

  • TV:15
  • Radio:60
  •  Newspapers:100

-There are 30000 copies of the participant institutions guides: 8000 will be distributed in the conference room and 22000 will be distributed to institutions from Africa and the Arab World.

-International figures, ministers and presidents of organizations and development banks will be present during the exhibition opening ceremony.